IMMFLY’s Best-In-Class Connected Digital Services Platform Arrives to AILA Lounges

25 June 2019

The Immfly Lounge service is part of a unique customer journey platform Immfly provides airports and airlines. It is designed to enable seamless extension of the customer experience end-to-end: from lounge, to gate, to inflight and post arrival. The Immfly Lounge service is now available in one of the largest airports in the Carribean, serving VIP lounges in Santo Domingo’s AILA airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Las Américas). AILA handles 3.5 million customers annually and the airport’s top 10 routes include direct flights to hubs in the USA, Europe and South America served by carriers including American Airlines, Iberia, Delta, Avianca, Spirit, Air Europa, Jet Blue and United Airlines.

Immfly uses proprietary state-of-the-art wireless infrastructure to provide unrivalled digital entertainment streaming speeds paired with customised services for premium airline passengers visiting the lounge.

To deliver a seamless end-to-end journey, Airlines and Lounges can choose to extend Immfly’s service to any designated pre-boarding area, to the inflight experience and even the post flight segment. Moreover, optional features such as managed web services, ensure customers can access information related to content they will be able to enjoy, prior to arrival at the airport. e.g In a service Immfly provides Iberia Express customers are made aware which Game of Thrones episodes they will be able to enjoy prior to travelling via web content managed by Immfly.

The content made available to lounge customers is also best-in-class in terms of breadth and quality. Beyond new movie releases, Immfly enables lounges and airlines to provide customers a portfolio of top tv shows, best-selling audiobooks and e-books, podcasts, games, music, press & magazines, destination guides, newsfeeds, kids content in addition to specially customised modules Immfly develops for its lounge partners e.g unlocking shopping opportunities, offering tactical upgrades and other services available in using the platform as a communication channel.

Immfly activates the pre-flight touchpoint

Access to Immfly’s Connected Digital Services platform in departure terminals, in lounges or gate areas, enables airlines and airports to secure multiple competitive advantages beyond those gained by enhancing the customer experience with entertainment. The digital experience during the “before boarding” moment increase opportunities for higher engagement with brands or services. Whether its special campaigns or promotions, subscriptions to specific schemes or distribution of services available pre-flight, in-flight or post-flight, the ability to boost revenues and reduce operational costs is immense. Immfly Lounge’s proposition to airline and airport clients focuses on its 3 pillars: Enhanced Customer Experience, Increased Revenues and Reduced Operational Costs.

Before Boarding

VIP Lounge Operator in Santo Domingo’s AILA airport

Before Boarding, which operates multiple airports VIP lounges in the Latin American region, is the latest client to offer Immfly’s Connected Digital Services platform to passengers. The company has been working to transform the traveller experience since 2013. Imad Al Asmar, Director General of Before Boarding explains “Before Boarding actively looks at options which provide our users with the best and most sophisticated experience. Our customers can now enjoy this dynamic entertainment platform in our AILA spaces at no additional cost. The service is available to enhance the time customers have available at the airport, as they wait for their flight or even for their luggage collection. They can now relax, enjoy the latest in entertainment content in addition to exploring new products and services we announce in this innovative premium connected digital services platform provided by Immfly.”

Immfly’s Connected Digital Services platform uses state-of-the-art technology available to its clients with a flexible and modular structure. Digital innovation is changing the pre-flight experience significantly. Immfly provides its client’s customers the ability to escape the hectic flight day environment with easy access to a vast world of entertainment and digital services. Through their own personal electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops..), users can effortlessly watch the latest Hollywood releases, the hottest TV-shows, enjoy premium local and International press, play interactive games, listening to music or keep the kids entertained with their favourite programs. Passengers accessing the “Before Boarding” lounges in Santo Domingo can now sit back, relax, and make time fly as they wait for their departure. Immfly Lounge also provides a range of versatile advertising modules giving prestigious brands the opportunity to digitally interact with an affluent public in an exclusive environment. Best of all, for maximum engagement, no special apps or downloads are required. Passengers in the VIP rooms simply connect to the “Before Boarding” WIFI network by introducing a web address and password provided onsite.

Maria Cardenal, Product & Digital Services Director adds Immfly.”Entertainment today is everywhere and above all it’s digital. At Immfly we are experts in digital entertainment solutions which also connect passengers with airlines and airport lounges. We continuously innovate and evolve to meet the needs of companies in the sector. We are very pleased to collaborate with Before Boarding given the company’s customer-focused approach and determination to offer a service that meets the demands of the global connected traveler.”

About Immfly:

Immfly is an award-winning provider of Connected Digital Services and Best in Class IFE. Immfly’s Digital Services harness capabilities of the connected aircraft to deliver Airlines competitive advantage. Immfly’s digital services focus on enhancing the customer experience, increasing revenue opportunities and reducing operational costs. The company intelligently applies cutting edge data strategies and technology across the connected journey. Immfly’s IFE platform enables airlines to dynamically broadcast premium entertainment content, channels, and services, including Video On Demand at unrivaled streaming speeds, directly on passenger’s personal devices. The platform is available to all aircraft regardless of onboard internet connectivity. With proprietary ancillary tools and active NPS monitoring, Immfly leads industry expertise in the use of onboard digital services to generate positive financial results and boost customer satisfaction. To date, Immfly remains the only company to have delivered profitable IFE.

Immfly S.L. is headquartered in Barcelona with global offices serving full service, low-cost and regional airlines worldwide. The company reaches over 65 million passengers with its services, covering +300 destinations across Europe, Asia, N & S America.


24 May 2022

China Airlines pioneers W-IFE solution in partnership with Immfly.

China Airlines introduces the new Fantasy Sky Wireless Entertainment System for its Boeing 737-800 fleet. With the introduction of the wireless IFE systems, China Airlines pioneers in launching a W-IFE system in Taiwan.


16th February 2022

LEVEL marks the first airline to launch the Pre-Order functionality with Immfly’s latest product

LEVEL launches a platform that allows each passenger to purchase the products they want to consume on board and be in control of what happens at all times in the flight. By bringing only what is to be consumed on board, the airline reduces the weight of the plane, waste and food waste. With this new service in partnership with Immfly, LEVEL takes a further step in customizing the on-board experience based on passengers’ personal preferences.


18th November 2021

Iberia Express has chosen Immfly and DO & CO for a better retail experience

Iberia Express has been investing in new generation inflight technologies and this time the Spanish airline is digitizing its onboard retail experience with Immfly. A new all-integrated crew app is making the crew's life easier, while a user-friendly and smart back-office system is improving the warehouse and inventory management process. It's the launch of the most recent services by the technological provider Immfly in partnership with DO & CO (Iberia Express official catering provider).


Surrey United Kingdom, 8th December 2020

Immfly and tourvest retail services collaborate in onboard innovation

Immfly, the award-winning provider of connected Cabin Digital Services and a Boeing Horizon-X invested company, is proud to announce its collaboration with Tourvest Retail Services (Tourvest), a leader in the provision of travel retail sector products, services and technologies.


20 November 2020

Responding to market conditions with a new wireless inflight entertainment and digital services platform

As inflight entertainment continues to evolve in the digital age, passengers are seeking options that will keep them entertained and provide relief from the stresses of travel, especially considering today’s global realities. To expand its digital reach, Boeing has teamed with industry leading technology company IMMFLY to introduce Boeing Digital Direct – a wireless inflight entertainment (wIFE) and digital services platform for airlines.


15 October 2020

Immfly and GetYourGuide launch innovative new solution to drive inflight experience bookings

Immfly, an award-winning provider of Connected Digital Cabin Services and Best in Class IFE, today announces the launch of an industry-first onboard digital service developed in partnership with GetYourGuide, the booking platform for incredible travel experiences.


16 March 2020

IMMFLY Secures Long Term Partnership with IAG

IAG selects Immfly for the maintenance and future development of ‘.air’, the universal inflight digital platform deployed across the fleet. Immfly’s advanced digital solution enables airlines to efficiently and remotely manage onboard digital products and services on all aircraft types.


18 February 2020

A Blockbuster Flight: Immfly Boards the Joker on Iberia Express

Immfly introduces Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. films on Club Express Onboard, the digital inflight entertainment and services platform it operates on Iberia Express. The airline surprises passengers on the Madrid-Copenhagen route by screening the Joker, the film which received the most Oscar nominations of any film in 2020. The crew provides earphones and mobile device holders to all passengers with which they can comfortably enjoy screening the film wirelessly using their smartphones while enjoying complimentary popcor.


3 February 2020

Inflight Digital Services Provider Immfly Announces Strategic Investment from Boeing

Immfly provides in-flight digital services focused on enhancing airline customer experience, maximising onboard revenues and streamlining operations. The investment will help Boeing meet airline customers’ evolving in-flight experience expectations.


9 October 2019

Journey Meditation and Immfly Invite You To A Happier, Healthier and Less Stressful World

Airplane travel can often be a hectic experience. It is quite common for people who travel to feel stress, anxiety or to just worry about what comes next. In short, travel days are loaded with obligations. These obligations result in obstacles to thinking and living in the present.


17 September 2019

Red Bull gives you wings while you travel with Immfly this summer

This last summer, Red Bull and Immfly delivered an on-board product sampling and brand activation marketing action to flying passengers.


8 April 2019

Ethiopian Airlines Selects IMMFLY’S Connected Digital Services & IFE Platform

Ethiopian Airlines, the largest Aviation Group in Africa and SKYTRAX certified Four Star Global Airline, announced that it has established a new partnership with Immfly, an on-board digital transformation platform for in-flight e-commerce and on-board connectivity that enables airlines to digitally improve the passenger travel experience.

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