Benefits in Agility

We are Hardware Agnostic. It means you can select and benefit from the optimal technology in the market, anytime. Flying is about freedom after all.

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Stay Optimal


Cutting Edge Hardware Options

Our system is available to integrate with any reputable avionics hardware and connectivity provider. With technology evolving so fast you should always have the right to choose the optimal option. We focus on making sure your customer proposition remains consistent - even with a fleet of mixed hardware. Suitable with both aircraft powered portable solutions and fixed embedded solutions, we will work with the most efficient system matching your fleet and strategy.


Fixed Embedded Hardware

Fixed HW solutions embedded in the avionics bay are ideal for aircraft with installed or planned inflight internet connectivity. Synergies in systems mean you can save on components and cost. Immfly manages certification with FAA and EASA approvals. With STCs available, we make installations efficient. We even hold the record for overnight IFE installation and understand tight schedules. We're a helpful lot, count on our support.


Aircraft Powered Portable

To provide a best value portable solution for aircraft not planned to offer inflight internet connectivity, we designed one to spec with a major avionics manufacturer. Fixed in the overhead compartment there's no need to remove it for charging and disrupt crew. It also provides the full range of services we offer using ground connectivity. So you can keep the customer proposition consistent even when the fleet is mixed in terms of inflight connectivity. Good stuff.

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